Our Mission

The mission of First United Methodist Church in Prattville is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

I think our favorite thing about FUMC is the friendship, fellowship, and support that we have received from pastors and friends. We know that in difficult times, there are always people we can count on for help.
— Joey Latham, memeber of FUMC

First United Methodist is a vibrant, caring community of faith that seeks to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to both our community and our world. We invite you to join us as we grow deeper in faith together, worship the Living God, and extend our hearts in Christian love.

Worship at FUMC is designed to bring glory to God and to help those who attend to live worshipful lives throughout the week. All of our services, with inspiring music and helpful preaching, strive to help persons connect to God in life-transforming ways. Currently, our church offers two expressions of worship: our traditional services in the Sanctuary each week and The Well-our modern service held in Pratt Hall will re-launch in the fall at a new time. Stay tuned for details!