New Purposes

"Do you not know?  Have you not heard?  The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth.  He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom.  29 He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.ā€   Isaiah 40:28-29

 One thing that every follower of Christ should know about the Lord is that He often hides His power in weakness.  It is often that we see, both in Scripture and in the history of the Church, that the Lord uses the most unsuspecting and unsuspected means to accomplish His purpose. 

 While Aaron is the mouthpiece for Moses in the delivery of Israel out of Egypt, the clear reading of the account of the Exodus is that Moses was the leader.  It is something that doubles back to God - double honor that He used Moses.  Moses, great as he is seen to be in Scripture, viewed himself as completely inadequate.  This gives God all the more glory.  How has the Lord used you?  I suspect that you never felt that it was your great abilities that enabled you to do anything of significance for the Lord.  I suspect that, looking back at how the Lord has used you, you feel that you scarcely had such abilities.  I suspect you are certain that it was only in the Lord's strength that you were used for His glory. 

 Do you feel like God has not used you?  Do you feel as if you have all sorts of hidden abilities that have been left untapped all your life long?  Many of us do, but here is my question, and I say this to myself as well.  Could it be that we are trying to serve the Lord in our own strength, rather than resting entirely in His strength?  This will never do.  The Lord uses those who are meek, lowly, and humble of heart.  The Lord uses the feeble to illustrate His power.

 He did this with Moses.  When God comes to Moses in the burning bush, Moses is sure that there has been a mistake.  His reply is, "Who am I?" (Exodus 3:11) Oh, that this would be our mindset.  Many will tell us to reach for the stars, and to seek to be bright and shining lights.  I only encourage you to seek to be used by the Lord in great ways, but I am going to suggest, from the example of Moses, how to be great in the eyes of the Lord.  If you would be great in God's eyes, be low in your own eyes, and set both your eyes and your heart upon the greatness of God.  This frame of mind is representative of followers of Christ who owes all they have to the Lord.

 Are you empty?  The Lord can fill an empty vessel.  Have you found that your own power is weakness?  Jesus Christ's pleasure is making the weak strong, restoring hope to the hopeless, forgiving the unforgivable, and making much of those servants that think themselves little.  In this, He is glorified.  May He be glorified in your life this very day.

 Know that I will be praying for you this week, that you may turn your weaknesses over to God to be used for His gains.  It may be time for you to step out of your place of comfort and routine and see what new purposes God has in store for you, purposes that may only be revealed as we embrace our weakness and fears to receive the plenty of God.  That next step for you may be coming on Sunday night and packing meals during our Rise Against Hunger event from 5-7pm,  joining in with one of the many wonderful small group studies offered throughout the week, or engaging in the life of our flourishing church through your prayers, gifts or witness in a new way. 


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